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Scientífic Meetings in which organization he has taken part:

1)  ISRA (International Society for Research on Aggression)
	a. VI World Congress of ISRA, Chicago, 1986
		Member of the International Program Committee
	b. 4th European Conference of ISRA, Seville, 1987
    c. VIII World Congress of ISRA, Swansea, 1988
		Member of the International Program Committee 
	   d. 5th European Conference of ISRA, Szombathely, 1989
		     Chair of a symposium
	   e. 6th European Conference of ISRA, Jerusalem, 1991 
		     Member of the Organizing Committee and Chair of a symposium
	   f. XIV World Congress of ISRA, Valencia, 2000
		     Chair of a symposium
      g. XIX World Congress of ISRA, Storrs, 2010
		     Chair of a symposium

2)  SEN (Sociedad Española de Neurociencias) 
	• Member of the Scientific Committee of the III Spanish Congress of Neurosciences, 		
		Seville, 1989

3)  ISCP (International Society for Comparative Psychology)
	• VI Congress of the ISCP, Bruxelles, 1992
		Organizer of a symposium on Brain and Aggression

4)  UNESCO-HUJ ISMBM International School for Peace 
	a. Member of the UNESCO-HUJ ISMBM International School for Peace, 
		Jerusalem, 1997 
	b. Co-chairman  of the Committee for elaboration of the Jerusalem Statement on
		 Science for Peace, 1997
	c. 2nd International Symposium on Science for Peace, Jerusalem, 1997
		Chairman  of the symposium Philosophy of Sciences and the Culture of Peace
		Chairman  of a Round Table and General Discussion 
	d. Member of the planning committee of the Virtual Conference on
		Science for Peace and Conflict Resolution: the Role of Scientist
 		(ISMBM) 2001

  XVI World Congress of Psychiatry (Madrid, September 2014)
       Chairperson of the Regular Workshop on AGGRESSION AND VIOLENCE IN PSYCHIATRIC SETTINGS

6) InPACT 
        a. International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2015
            member of the Scientific Committee, Ljubljana, Slovenia, del 2 al 4 de Mayo, 2015.
        b. International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2016
            member of the Scientific Committee, Lisboa, Portugal, del 30 Abril al 2 de Mayo, 2016.

7)    CICA: Chairperson
	1.   Brain and Aggression, Seville, 23-24 May 1983
	2.  Aggression in Children, Seville, 25  April 1984
	3.  Conflict among Populations, Seville, 14 May 1984
	4.  Parental Care and Aggression, Seville, 20 May 1985
	5.  Pharmacology of Aggression, Seville, 20 May 1985
	6.  Psychobiology of Peace, Seville, 12-16 May 1986
	7.  Biology and Violence, Seville, 10-16 May 1986
	8.  Clinical Aspects of Aggressive Behavior, Seville, 23 April 1987
	9. Terrorism and Mass-Media, Seville, 25-27 February 1988
	10. Comparative Biology of Aggression, Santiago de Chile, 15-17 December 1988
	11.  Psychobiology and Aggression: Research Techniques, Seville, January - April 1989
	12. Biology of the Aggression, Bogota (Colombia), 21-23 June 1990
	13. Commemoration of the Seville Statement On Violence, Universal Expo Seville, 25 June 1992
	14.  Alternatives to Violence, Cape Town (South Africa), 27-29 August 1993
	15. Cross-Cultural Approach to Aggression, Miraflores de la Sierra (Spain),  7-9 July 2000
	16.  From Aggresion to Peace: A Dialogue inter Civilisations, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 17-19 November 2001
	17.  The Phenomenon of Terrorism, La Jolla (USA), 9-14 August 2002
	18. Violence by Armed Non -State Groups, Andalo (Italy), 11-18 January 2004
	19.  Hellas Cica on Brain and Aggression, Rhodes (Greece), 14-17 September 2004
	20.  Zambia Cica on Peace and Development In Africa, Lusaka (Zambia),  18-20 June 2005
	21. War on Terror, Trento (Italy), 8-15 January 2006
	22.  Stress and Aggression, Oxford (UK), 30 January 2006
	23.  Categorizing Aggression, Augusta (USA), 11-14 Jenuary 2007
	24.  Agresión y Violencia: Una Dimensión Ética, Mexico City, 6-8 September 2007
	   25.  A Interdisciplinary Analyses of  Aggression  & Terrorism,  Miraflores de la Sierra (Spain), 
                27-30 September 2007
	26.  Aggression, Terrorism, and Human Rights, Zakopane (Poland), 15-18 July 2008
	27.   Political Violence and Collective Aggression, Jordanstown (Ulster), 2-5 September 2009
	28.  Attitudes toward Conflict and Aggression: A Cross-Cultural Approach, Bodrum (Turkey), 
                24-27 September 2009
         29.  An Update of the SSV, 25 years later?, Storrs (USA), 25-26 July 2010
         30. Conflict and Aggression in a Society in Transition, Leányfalu (Hungary), 25-29 August 2010
         31.  Aggression, Political Violence and Terrorism, Cartagena de Indias, (Colombia) 18-20 November 2010
         32.  Contemporany issues on Aggression, Violence and Terrorism, Irvine (USA), 7-9 September 2011
         33. 25th Anniversary of the Seville Statement on Violence, Roma (Italia), 22-25 September 2011
         34. Conflict in a Society in Transition, Leányfalu (Hungary), 28-31 May 2012
         35. Terrorism and Aggression: towards increased freedom and security, Burgas (Bulgaria),     
                8-11 September 2012
         36. Towards Understanding Conflicts, Aggression, Violence, and Peace, Héviz (Hungary)  
                 23-26 June 2013
         37. Developmental and social conditions of conflict and aggression, Zielona Góra (Poland) 
                 22-25 June 2014
        38. A re-evaluation of the Statement on Violence, Querétaro, 20-29 October 2014
        39. Análisis de riesgos y amenazas a infraestructuras críticas, Madrid, 5-6 October 2015
        40. Violence, War, and Post-Conflict, Bogotá, 13-15 November, 2015
        41. Mapping the Cyberspace, Madrid, 1-3 June, 2016
        42. Conflict and Cross-cultural Dialogue, Madrid, 18-20 September 2017
        43. Understanding Consciousness: Wellbeing, Emotions and Conflict, Mysore (India) 9-10 January 2018

8)  CICA-STR International Conferences on Aggression and Terrorism:  Co-chair

1st   CICA-STR International Conference on Aggression and Terrorism 
         (Miraflores, 2007)
2nd CICA-STR International Conference on Aggression, Terrorism, and
 Human Rights (Zakopane, 2008) 
3rd  CICA-STR International Conference on Political Violence and Collective 
Aggression (Belfast, 2009)
4th  CICA-STR International Conference on Aggression, Political Violence and Terrorism 
(Cartagena de Indias, 2010)
5th  CICA-STR International Conference on Aggression, Violence and Terrorism
(Irvine, California, 2011)
          6th CICA-STR International Conference on Terrorism and Aggression
                   (Burgas, Black Sea, 2012)