PRIBRAM: Karl H. Pribram, researcher at the Yerkes Primate Center and professor at Yale and at Stanford Universities, was world known for his development of the holonomic brain model of cognitive function. Among many other publications, he wrote with Martin Ramirez the book Cerebro, Mente y Holograma (Alhambra, 1980)
BANDURA Al Bandura was a Canadian-American psychologist, Professor of Social Science in Psychology at Stanford University, originator of the social cognitive theory, and well known by his Bobo dolls experiment.
ZIMBARDO Philip G. Zimbardo is an American psychologist and professor at Stanford University, well known for his prison experiment

During his post-doc stay at Stanford, in the 70’s of the last century, Martin Ramirez had as closer mentors Karl Pribram, Al Bandura and Phil Zimbardo.